Shreveport Church, Southern Hills Church of Christ, welcomes you to our digital congregation. Located in the South Shreveport Neighborhood of Southern Hills, our congregation has a wonderful history and a bright future serving the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a part of His Body and Church in Shreveport. We welcome all people to come and worship with us at our appointed Church Assembly Times. We have a very active group of Seniors, a wonderful Youth Group, and vibrant Children's Ministry.

2018 11th Annual Bruce Duke Invitational


The 2018 Annual Bruce Duke Invitational was held on February 28nd. This year 44 people attended with 5 dishes being entered.  After all the good food we enjoyed fellowship and prayer.  The winners selected by blind taste testing are:

First Place: Monica Schmidt with Crab and corn chowder

Second Place: Audrey Lee with Jambalaya


Third Place: Pam Pegg with her Green chili stew

Donna Batten

Special thanks to the other contestants and their entries and for all the other great cooks who contributed to our fellowship meal:

Ann Wren - Chunky chicken vegetable soup
Mary Nezat - Chicken and sausage gumbo

Bruce brought a dish but was not able to enter the contest. He brought his Wild Game Gumbo the dish that started it all.

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Website and Library News Letter Vol. 1 Number 3

In him there is no darknessIn Him There Is No Darkness is an 84 page paperback autobiography of a blind woman growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, including her spiritual journey with Christ. The book tells about growing up in a wheelchair and about the Babtist Churches in the area and her family.

Tell us about a book you have read!

Remember you can place a book- that is already checked out- on hold. Just give us a call with your request.

WebsitePam Pegg

We would like to welcome Pam Pegg to the website committee. We want to thank her for being willing to volunteer her time. We really do need the assistance and support of everyone in order to succeed. Two more volunteers would be great.

We are very excited about all the activities and plans coming up. Pam will be a great help in all these endeavors, and we can't wait to get started!

Coming soon a "How To" series, we will disscus how to get the most out of our website.


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The Bible Promise Book

Leading the Lord's singing

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Men's Area Breakfest

Had good attendane (22) at the Men's breakfest. There were 8 men from Southern Hills Church Fred, Robert, Gary, Jerry, Waymon, Richard, Johnny and Charlie. They welcomed a new group from Church of Christ West. It's good to see our number grow.

Library News

EbooksWe have added an ebook tab on our main webpage (Southern Hills) and an ebook collection in our library catalog. We will be adding ebooks to the catalog as we get them. To find them in the catalog use "e-book" with the dash no quotes in the search box. This will give you the ebooks we have in our collection, just click on the title and then click here to read this book. We will include all ebooks in the catalog but just local authors on our webpage. Coming soon are more titles by Marvin Pegg and some lesson material by Robbie Mitchell. Please encourage any local authors to contribute their books to us.

New to the catalog

Be the first to review our CS Lewis books
A grief observed, Mere christianity, Miracles , The great divorce, or The ScrewTape Letters. Maybe you have a suggestion about a new C.S. Lewis book we should get.


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