He is present in the storms.

We are still trying to get the Blog site set up so until we do I'm going to be adding "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" on this site.      Reading Mark 4:35-41 Jesus had spent a large amount of the day healing people and the crowds were unending.  At some point He told the disciples to take Him to the oher side.  This meant He wanted to go to the opposite shore of the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus sat down in the boat and the sun began to set and the winds picked up.  Jesus fell asleep.  The wind came in gusts and the skies grew dark and a storm was brewing... and Jesus slept.    The anxiety of the men grew and the panic began to set in... Can you feel it?  I can just imagine them scrambling to try to "fix" it.  "Take care of it" so noone else would have to worry.  The fear growing and finally when nothing was helping and the reality that they may actually sink, set in... Peter woke Jesus.  Not a gently stirring...no, shaking him and probably speaking with fear, panic and frustration... "Teacher, don't you care if we drown?" Mark 4:38  He woke up and calmly rubbed His eyes and slowly assessed the situation and got up and quieted the storm.  Immediately, the winds calmed , the dark clouds were still and the moon and the stars appeared and the waves stilled.  He looked at the group of men and asked, " why are you so afraid?  Do you still have no faith?" (Mark 4:40)   I'm sure the men were speechless.  The winds and the waves obey this man.  Wow.  Take a minute and let it sink in.  We have been invited into a relationship with Him.  How well do you know Him?  Are you spending time with Him?  Even in the storms of each day, are you seeking His presence?  It can be very easy to get caught up in the storms of the day.  We can get so bogged down in the negatives that we wander through this life feeling hopeless.  Ladies, we have Hope!  We have JESUS!!   Take some time and find Him.  He is right before your eyes.  May God Bless you and yours each day.      **I must apologize up front for any typing errors and grammar mistakes.  I am very new at this.  **