Ladies Bible Class

September 9th was the start back of the Ladies Bible Class. Joy spoke on The Power of the "P." Afterwards we went to Jan's house for a luncheon. There were around 20 in attendance. We had a variety of salads of which all were delicious. It looks as though it is going to be a great year for the ladies.


There is power in God's Presence.  How can we tap into that power?  Sometimes we feel refreshed and rejuvenated by visiting with friends who are "charged" by God's presence, we can be in nature , come to church on Sundays and Wednesdays... but does that charge last?  These things are great but they do not take the place of daily time in the WORD.  So The Power of the P's series will focus on how to truly PLUG IN.  One of the first P's :  PLUG into the WordPart of the lesson was writing down scriptures on index cards and on Care Grams and exchanging these cards with others.  Each person left with an index card with a scripture to read daily for the week.  Each person is to pray this scripture and pray for others .   Then as the service portion of the class we put these scriptures on Care Grams to send to different ones on our prayer list. It is very possible that others have gotten wrapped up in the trials of this life or the whirlwind of schedules, appointments, school assignments, ball games, etc that we dont take the time to PLUG IN! LADIES DON'T FORGET TO BRING THE INDEX CARD WITH YOU TO SHARE HOW IT HELPED YOU THIS WEEK!  By plugging into the Word we can charge our "light" and keep it shinning bright.  Too many times we get caught up with life and our battery dies and our light dims or sometimes may go out and we are unaware.  We need to Plug in to truly charge our light.  Even if we focus on one scripture.  Let's see how these scriptures have helped this week!