Prayer Needs

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Current Prayer Needs

Past Prayer Needs

Scott Holcomb, Chris Shadrix's cousin, heart problems.
JoAnn Beatty, not doing well.
Mary Moore, not doing well after valve replacement.
Charlie Tudor's sister, possible surgery for brain anuerysm.
Karen Dill, friend of Candy Hart, hospitalized, seizures.
Pete Garcia, recovering from fall.
Waymon Wren, health issues.
John Talley, health issues.
Andee Hermann & family, prayers needed.
GiGi Harris Perez, Jerry Harris' daughter, recovering from heart attack and stint placement.
Gene Bias, recovering from surgery.
Angie Rhodes, Gary Pegg's cousin, in serious condition with cancer.
Harrison Waldron & family, Harrison has been moved to brain trauma unit, he is responding to stimuli but still not awake.
James Perser, health issues.
Bonita Hoffman, Donna Batten's mother.
Curtis Alexander, leg amputated and part of colon removed due to complications from diabetes.
Kevin Lewis, brain cancer.
Jim Clark, Lori Clark's husband, Gene & Melba Bias' son-in-law, cancer.
Lamar Posey, dementia.
Johnny Portwood, brother-in-law of Dan & Jill Amundson, health issues.
Kyle Hoover, Pam Pegg's nephew, spinal cancer.
Susan Pelezo, recovering, doing well.
Sandy Jordan, recovering, doing well.
Family of Nancy Perser, Nancy Perser passed away.
Family of Tommy Brown, Susan Pelezo's cousin, passed away.